Lifetime Guarantee

All reputable repair shops offer a limited lifetime guarantee. Beware the facility or organization that claims no restrictions. Check terms and conditions carefully. All manufacturers warranties are maintained if original parts are used in the repair process, if you are concerned then ask to see a copy of your estimate.

Exclusions: Rust and abrasion, environmental damage, unreasonable use, lack of maintenance and care. The guarantee is void if the vehicle is altered or repaired at any facility other than Alpha Collision. The guarantee is limited to the cost of the labour and materials to repair defective work only. No additional costs are covered.

Your Choice

Remember, YOU have the right to decide where to have your car repaired, so choose the body shop with your best interests in mind. We co-operate with all insurance companies, but always put our clients first.

By law you have the right to go to the repair shop of YOUR CHOICE. When involved in a collision, your insurance company may inform you that your bodyshop choices are limited! BE AWARE that the choice of repair facility is YOURS and the work quality of the bodyshop will be guaranteed by the bodyshop; not by the insurer!

Our Work

We have the most up to date equipment and years of experience and expertise to ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction.

Servicing ALL Makes & Models - Trucks, Vans, Cars, all models of any kind and any year!

We provide services to both individual and corporate clients.